Military & Defense

It is our job to keep you focused on your mission, not on the challenges of remote communications.


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Military operations provide some of the most challenging environments for secure, reliable, and cost-effective communications. UltiSat supports all military branches and can build custom communications solutions that adapt to meet the various and dynamic duties faced by the different branches' military personnel.


UltiSat's managed network services deliver custom military solutions that combine security, reliability, and functionality. With hundreds of VSAT installations worldwide, no terrain, war-zone, or remote outpost is too inaccessible. UltiSat is a US-government preferred provider on US contract vehicles and supplies solutions and equipment to NATO forces for both peace-time and front-line operations.


Morale, Welfare & Recreation (MWR) Networks

Nothing is more important to troops and their families than staying connected when they are thousands of miles apart. UltiSat understands just how critical that is for the families.


From main bases to forward operating posts, U.S. military and support personnel take advantage of broadband connectivity via UltiSat's end-to-end managed network services. UltiSat's global field-service representatives provide in-theater support for hands-on training, initial setups, troubleshooting, and general operations and maintenance.

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Our Services

To address government requirements and mission-critical needs

  • Mobility & Flyaway Solutions for Instant Infrastructure
  • Morale, Welfare &  Recreation (MWR) Networks
  • Special Operations Networks
  • Teleport Services
  • 24x7 Secure Network Operations
  • In-Country Field Service with Cleared Personnel
  • Global Monitoring & SCADA
  • Host-Nation Approvals & Landing Rights
  • Global Logistics Expertise

Applications For All Your Needs

  • File Sharing, Voice & Video
  • VoIP, Including Skype
  • Video Conferencing
  • Streaming Video & Social Networks
  • Distance Learning & Training
  • Encrypted Networks
  • Email & Internet
  • WAN & LAN Services

Contract Vehicles & NAICS Codes

UltiSat's global infrastructure and technical expertise means we have the reach and know-how needed to design large-scale, complex networks anywhere in the world.