UltiSat IN THE NEWS: iDirect Government Press Release

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IN THE NEWS: (Source - iDirect Government)

"An entire communications system made just for C-130 aircraft. We teamed up with UltiSat, a Speedcast Company, R4 and SelectTech Geospatial to debut a commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) solution for C-130 military transport aircraft.

Behold, the Tactical Removable Airborne Satellite Communications (TRASC) system.

This turnkey solution includes UltiSat's 18-inch parabolic antenna with ideal size, weight and power (SWaP) for military use; a roll-on/roll-off transit case integrated with our 9800 AR Satellite Router, power supply and gateway router; and R4’s C-130 hatch that’s based on a U.S. Air Force- and FAA-approved multi-purpose hatch system.

The entire TRASC system ships together as a bundle and works with various Ka-, Ku- and X-bands or a combination of these to support voice and data for C-130 airborne applications. It’s 100 percent FAA-compliant, works on all C-130 variants and is compatible with existing SATCOM networks that are equipped with iDirectGov hubs." 


Headquartered in Gaithersburg, MD, USA, UltiSat provides a wide range of satellite communications products, services and infrastructure including Very Small Aperture Terminal (VSAT), airborne ISR/COTM, teleport, mobile satellite and professional services in support of mission-critical applications.

UltiSat delivers high-value solutions to end users in some of the most remote and harsh locations in over 130 countries on 7 continents around the globe.

With customer networks that vary from a few sites to hundreds of locations, UltiSat's technical expertise and technology-agnostic approach ensure that our customers get the best-fit / best-value solutions. UltiSat customers include U.S. and foreign government agencies, government contractors, IGOs, NGOs and multinational enterprises. 

UltiSat's global infrastructure and technical expertise means we have the reach and know-how needed to design large-scale, complex networks anywhere in the world.