UltiSat Announces UltiNet™ Tiered Portfolio of Solutions

UltiSat, Inc., a leading provider of end-to-end managed satellite network solutions, announced today the launch of its UltiNet™ portfolio of solutions, available to all of its customers and partners on an immediate basis. This comprehensive portfolio is comprised of integrated satellite, wireless and information security products and services offered by UltiSat as the single solutions provider. UltiNet™ enables high value, SLA-based, C and/or Ku-band connectivity to end users in remote and harsh territories almost anywhere on the planet. Platinum and Gold packages, with coverage and service options as illustrated below, are currently available:


UltiNet™ Platinum:

  • 95% Global Coverage
  • End to End, Beyond the Modem, including IT/IA/IS Managed Services
  • 99.5% to 99.9% SLAs
  • Custom Network Applications
  • Enhanced QoS Features & Controls
  • Up to 160 Mbps Data Rates
  • Equipment Lease Options

UltiNet™ Gold:

  • 80% Landmass Coverage
  • End to End, including IT Support, Reporting & Monitoring
  • 98.0% to 99.9% SLAs
  • Shared Network Applications
  • Plug & Play Terminal Types
  • CIR & Contention Options by Region
  • Equipment Lease Options


“UltiNet™ adds a new level of dynamic connectivity options and flexibility for our customers that require new or incremental capabilities in support of their missions around the globe”, stated Moe Abutaleb, CEO of UltiSat. “Given the comprehensive coverage offered under the UltiNet™ matrix of solution options, UltiSat can offer best-fit connectivity almost anywhere with the elasticity to start small and grow in proportion to mission requirements. For example, our customers can subscribe to Gold service for some of their remote sites and Platinum for other more mission critical sites. This allows them to reap the benefit of getting the best value at the most cost-effective price points, while at the same time retaining seamless single network interface to their data centers. We believe this capability will provide our customers with the ultimate scalability to grow or reduce data rates, contention ratios, and/or number of nodes on a per site, per region, or global basis in proportion to their mission needs or constraints.”


Media Contact:
Laura Moreno-Davis, MBA
Director of Marketing
(240) 813-7578


Headquartered in Gaithersburg, MD, USA, UltiSat provides a wide range of satellite communications products, services and infrastructure including Very Small Aperture Terminal (VSAT), airborne ISR/COTM, teleport, mobile satellite and professional services in support of mission-critical applications.

UltiSat delivers high-value solutions to end users in some of the most remote and harsh locations in over 130 countries on 7 continents around the globe.

With customer networks that vary from a few sites to hundreds of locations, UltiSat's technical expertise and technology-agnostic approach ensure that our customers get the best-fit / best-value solutions. UltiSat customers include U.S. and foreign government agencies, government contractors, IGOs, NGOs and multinational enterprises. 

UltiSat's global infrastructure and technical expertise means we have the reach and know-how needed to design large-scale, complex networks anywhere in the world.

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